Must Read::Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha's Tribute to Her Mum

chiomakpothaOmalicha Nnem! Exactly a year today you took your last breath in my arms... 220513 . A day I will never forget. Still feels like yesterday. I haven't been able to move on emotionally from that point. I was helpless and couldn't break through to bring you back... Ofu nkpuru Anya nji afu uzo! You were meant to live forever because you were just an angel but I guess that's why you left to do a better job from heaven. You have left a lot for me here... Leonard (automatically my second husband) and my siblings who are now my Children are a huge task... Your shoes are difficult to fit in. Daddy has been a shadow of himself since you left but I reassure him that all is well by saying to him that we all have a piece of you in us and that when he , Leonard looks at us his children he should see you and not feel so bad...he usually agrees. We miss you bad. I still don't believe and understand you are gone. One year today Nma, you will continue to live in our hearts. Continue to Rest In Peace Ugomba, Madam Fancy, Mama Onyebuchi, Nneoma, Achalugo, Dimkpa Asaa, Ochiliozuo, Elelebe Ukwu ,Nnem!  #mamachioma #220513#strongwoman #mychampion #ripmum #heartstillbleeds #I love you mum #wishyouwerestillherewithus 
Watch the burial Video below..

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