Sex And Romance - Latest Nollywood Movie


In this intriguing epic movie, the powerful king of Ngene kingdom soon gets attracted to the precious stone in Akpugo kingdom,  a neighbouring community and incidentally hatches a terrible plan with his cabinet members to conquer Akpugo and possess their land and their precious stone. Events in the movie soon got twisty when an unexpected tragic event happened to one of the notable cabinet members of Ngene known as Mbaka (Chiwetalu Agu)of which the king is the master plan; now Mbaka who is at the fore front of their dangerous plan soon becomes the unexpected character ready to now destroy Ngene his own fatherland and its inhabitants.

Nollywood movies starring: Chiwetalu Agu, Nkechi Nweje, Chizzy Alichi, Chris Okorondu, Joseph ikeh Osagie, Bamidele Udemmadu Jnr and Ben Nwandu
Director: Henry Mgbemele
Producer:Henry Mgbemele
Company: Grace World  Movies Production


This terrifying movie is a perfect depiction of violence and crime where we take a glimpse of the nefarious and criminal activities existing in a certain ghetto where no one is afraid of the law. While the criminal activities are getting increasingly alarmingly, Princess (Nazo Ekezie)a very tough and brutal female detective has suddenly appeared on the page with a more dangerous mission of which no one may survive. 
Nollywood movies starring: Zubby Micheal, Joyce Kalu, Harry B, Nazo Ekezie and Mayor Ofoegbu.
Director: Tonyiyke Ezendigbo
Producer:Umunnakwe Samuel Nwaogbo Okoye
Company: Samwhite Movies Production