Mercy Johnson Talks About How She Combines Being Sexy, A Star Actress, Wife and Mother

Actress, Mercy Johnson, was born 29 years ago and is the fourth child in a family of seven. She tells Punch that mother at the age of two to live with her ex-military officer and due to the nature of his job, she moved around a lot as a kid as he was constantly transferred from one station to another. Her growing up years, she says help her cope with life as an actress, a wife and mother. Read on...

Movie industry

I have grown with time and there have been good and bad times. There have been rumours and scandals. Sometimes, when I cry in movies, it wasn’t the script that made me cry. Rather, I reflect on my humble beginning and the height I’ve attained now. This makes me cry.

Journey into acting

After my secondary school education, I approached a friend for assistance to feature in a movie. He took me to the National Theatre, Lagos, but a role did not come until a year later. My first lead role was in a film titled, ‘The Maid.’ It was quite challenging to interprete because it was my first movie. When I saw the veterans on set, I fidgeted.

A star actress

Life is in phases and I cannot say I have reached the peak of my profession. I have not even won an Oscar yet! There is always a higher mountain to climb, a new vision to fulfill and I am at that point. I want to achieve new and greater dreams.


The greatest fulfillment is the ability to influence people positively through my acting.


Life is not a bed of roses; it comes with challenges which make me stronger and who I am.

Nollywood: Then and now

We have achieved feats which the old Nollywood did not achieve. It is all about progression and I am sure that in the future, Nollywood will achieve a greater feat than it is doing currently.


My husband is loving and he is an understanding man. I am so happy to be married to him. I acted a movie, ‘Baby Oku in America’ when I was heavily pregnant and he didn’t feel bad about it. He understands that I am an actor and sometimes, we need real life situations, like the pregnancy, to interpret a role. Not many men would allow their wife do that.


They are all lies. I just think the media needs to do their verification well before they put any story out. Whenever I read all manner of lies about me in the media, I wonder where all of these came from and regret being an actor. But in all, I move on and take it as one of the hazards of the job. I am fulfilled as an actor.

Mercy Johnson Foundation

I floated the foundation because of my love for the less privileged. One of my greatest joys is to see other people happy. I want to make lasting impact in my society. The objective is to identify the needs of the less privilege, evaluate them and help in our own little way. I strongly believe that as movie stars, we should live beyond the euphoria of stardom.

A sexy woman

It is inbuilt. It’s just how you feel about yourself. For me, being sexy is confidence. It mustn’t be about the hairstyle or the accessories or the big buttocks. It’s about you, liking yourself just the way you are.


My husband is a wonderful man. He makes my job easier and helps carry our daughter, Purity. He feeds her and she misses him whenever he is not around. As a family, we understand one another and we make whatever adjustments we have to make in order to have a good home.


The challenges I faced have yielded results and I am reaping the fruits of all my efforts. I have grown from nobody in the industry to becoming a top actress from Africa. To God be all the glory.

To be an actress

Talent is never enough you must constantly brush up your talent but training can come in different form. You only need to ensure that in whatever form, you are not just relying on your inborn talent.


There are many but I’m not permitted to disclose them yet. They will start unfolding soon.


My worst fear will be to leave this earth without making a huge impact.


I don’t wear what is in vogue or what everybody is wearing, I just wear what suits me and I’m lucky to have a physique that encourages everything I wear. My husband is a huge critic, so when he pays compliments to my dressing, I feel so good. He doesn’t believe that exposing anything makes you look better. He feels when you cover up, you look real nice.

To upcoming actors

Be yourself and let your talent speak for you. Don’t come into the industry because you want to be famous, but because you love the art of acting. Then try to appreciate those who were there before you.


Kim and Kanye will have a prenuptial agreement before they marry.

From TMZ 
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already agreed ... they will keep their assets separate by drawing up a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned.
Multiple sources connected with the couple tell us ... both Kanye and Kim are committed to the marriage and they are not signing a prenup because they're worried the relationship might fall apart. But they're both business people and know given their vast wealth it's just the smart thing to do to have a prenup. 
Kim especially understands the importance of a prenup because her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, told her over and over about the necessity of having clear contracts when it came to money.
We're also told ... even though they will keep their assets separate, they will have a fat joint account for living expenses that will probably approach the gross national product of a small country.
As for how much they have ... some reports place Kim's wealth at $40 mil and Kanye's at $90 mil. But we're told Kim's actually worth more than Kanye.

Former Miss Nigeria Ene Lawani dressed in suit & tie for Mai Atafo

Former Miss Nigeria and business woman Ene Lawani looking like one of the boys on the runway at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week yesterday for designer Mai Atafo. Another pic when you continue

At Last:: Beverly Osu Finally Admits Having Sex In Big Brother Africa

When she first came out of the Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu stunned many by denying that she ever had intercourse with South Africa's rep, Angelo, even though almost everyone had clearly watched the video that went viral. Anyway, she is now singing a new song. Below is what she said when quizzed on the issue again:

My life outside BBA has been wonderful. It’s nothing I cannot handle.

Well, I’m usually a very busy person, but it’s just that right now, I’ve been a very unstable person. Sometimes, I can’t even stay here in Lagos for a week without traveling here and there. I think that’s a good thing because good things are coming out of it. And apparently, there’s always the negative side and that is mostly things that are not true that you hear about yourself; how people see you and so on. Some people don’t really bother about perception, but if you’re somebody like me, you will think about it and sometimes it will affect your work. But I thank God that my life has been good.

Apparently, I don’t feel sorry because I was being myself. So, I can’t say sorry to anyone who feels disappointed. They’re living their lives and I’m living mine. The only difference is that I was in a house where I had to make the platform work for me; the platform everybody enjoyed seeing me make. If you guys stuck to your television for 91 days only to see my faults, then you should check yourself because people have their faults and it’s only people with faults that quickly notice that in other persons. I don’t criticise people and I don’t think people should critisice me... no matter how you look at it, I’m still a youth.

Nollywood actress and producer, Queen Temitope Oluwa has slammed a lawsuit against AIT

Nollywood actress and producer, queen temitope Oluwa has slammed a lawsuit against the owner of africa Independent Televesion, AIT.
she is reportedly suing the station because of her movie, Atupa Emi, was illegally been aired on the television station.the saratu star filed a lega case with the help of her attorney, M.A Bashua and co. using the television company to the tune of n5million..
below is what she said when contacted.

"i dont have much to say but i have instituted a legel case against AIT over an infringement on my rights as a citizen and as the copyright owner of Atupa Emi, which is illegally been aired on their medium"
a lesson for all

Rihanna goes nude for GQ magazine 25th anniversary cover

Medusa head, snakes, vampire fangs, and those coloured contact lenses...scary art! See more photos after the cut...

UNBELIEVABLE: “I Wouldn’t Quit Acting For N3.2Billion”- Popular Nollywood Actress

On a show where you have to say the truth, popular nollywood superstar lies, in her career I doubt if she's made up to N3.2billion or if she would ever.   
Popular Nollywood actress Ini Edo appeared on Village Square TV’s On My Honour, a show where the guests are expected to say the truth and nothing but.
Ini Edo talked with show host Hauwa about her personality, her marriage, and she also revealed that she wouldn’t quit acting for $20million.

PHOTOS::World's Tallest Dog, Giant George Is Dead

Giant George, the world's tallest dog ever has died at home in Tuscon, Arizona one month before his eighth birthday according to Dailymail.
Passing away surrounded by owners on October 17th, the blue Great Dane measured 43 inches tall from 
paw to shoulders and was able to stand seven-feet-three-inches tall on his hind legs.Weighing 245 pounds, George was in fact the runt of his litter when born but grew up to be recognized by Guinness World Records in 2010 not just as the World's Tallest Dog, but the Tallest Dog Ever.

The enormous but gentle beast consumed 180 pounds of food a month and slept in his own queen sized mattress. In a poignant posting on his own official Facebook page, owners Dave and Christie Nasser wrote, 'It is with a heavy heart that we announce Giant George died last night. George passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones; one month before his eighth birthday

'We appreciate the love and support you have given Giant George over the last several years. We look forward to honoring his spirit by continuing his charitable works. George would spend his days sleeping, barking at the UPS deliveryman and eating his favourite chicken and rice dinners. He weighed an incredible 100 pounds more than the average Great Dane and last year was ordered to lose a stone in weight to preserve his health. - 

Nollywood Actress Chika Ike In Hospital.

Chika Ike shared this pics today on her instagram page 
Chika is in hospital to fix her tooth Ache.. just took a day off from work.
no more Ice cream, no more sugar just living on healthy fruits. hmmmm
sorry dear.....

In appointment with the dentist waiting

Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye Visits Alex O Family "Oby Edozie"

Here is what Oge said to the family 
Had a swell time yesterday with the Alex o family!Oby Edozie, your bundle of joy is so cute..All thanks to God and thanks to Oby's mum for the good job of taking care of mother and child. God will strengthen you more and give you long long life to see more grand kids.muahhhhh!! Amen...

Controversial Aviation Minister Stella Oduah Follows President Jonathan To Israel


Nigerians have expressed shock and indignation over the trip to Israel by Stella Oduah, the embattled minister of aviation, who is under probe following the BMW car scandal rocking her ministry.

Oduah jetted out of Nigeria on Tuesday and is with President Goodluck Jonathan in Israel to sign the Bilateral Air Services Agreement,BASA, with the jewish state.

Many prominent Nigerians who spoke on the issue said they were outraged that a minister under such a monumental financial scam could be allowed to travel out of the country along with a president who had just queried her.

They said Nigeria seems to be turning into a banana republic.

According to activist Joe Okei-Odumakin, President, Women Arise, Oduah’s trip to Israel is condemnable and offensive.

“It is highly condemnable and it shows how insensitive the minister is. At a time when she should be sober and when she should be explaining herself to the Nigerian people, she has decided to throw caution to the wind by travelling to Israel. It shows the arrogance of our public office holders,” she said.

She warned: “We want to sound a note of warning that Nigeria is being turned into a banana republic and we may need to go back to the trenches. We warn the probe committee to do a painstaking job.”

Ganiat Fawehinmi, wife of the late human rights crusader, Gani Fawehinmi, said she is scandalised at Oduah’s trip with Jonathan.

“It is shocking that she could be allowed to travel with the president at this time and it is only in Nigeria that such a thing can happen,” Mrs. Fawehinmi said.

“By now, she should have been dismissed because all fingers are pointing at her and she has not come out to deny it,” she added.

Mrs. Fawehinmi said the purchase of the two BMW cars at the whopping sum of N255 million is taking place at a time Nigerian students have been forced to stay home for almost four months due to alleged cash crunch.

“All the money being wasted by public office holders should have been put together and invested in our universities.”

According to Comrade Ibuchukwu Ohabuenyi Ezike, Executive Director, Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, Oduah’s trip to Israel is not surprising in a highly corrupt country like Nigeria.

“We are not surprised at what Oduah did because Nigerian authorities since I999 have paid lip service to fighting corruption and crushing impunity.

“Rage by Nigerians without practical actions to chase away this class and reclaim our society will change nothing. The world is watching this ignoble act that brings shame on our people and society,” he said.

According to Achike Chude, Deputy Chairman, Joint Action Forum, JAF, Nigerians are outraged at the amount of money spent to keep a minister of the Federal Republic safe.

“But we have become less ambitious when it comes to corruption. It would appear that when we try to bring the multi billion naira crooks down and fail, then we try harder to bring the multi million naira crooks down,” he said.

To Debo Adeniran, Chairman Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, Oduah’s trip shows that Jonathan is not serious about fighting corruption.

“From all indications, it is clear that the President aids and abets corruption, if not Oduah won’t have the effrontery to boycott the National Assembly panel for a trip to Israel,” Adeniran said, adding: “Nigerians shouldn’t be surprised if Oduah is not punished at the end of the day.

According to Senator Babafemi Ojudu, the setting up of an administrative panel of inquiry by the Presidency to investigate the allegation against Oduah is a wild goose chase and another waste of time and dubious waste of the resources of the Nigerian nation.

Ojudu, in a statement in Abuja, said there are several financial crimes and corrupt practices agencies which are constitutionally empowered to carry out such investigations and make their reports available to the President.

He wondered why the president would set up a panel of inquiry, which colouration already tells a lot about the conclusions it would reach, to usurp the powers of these agencies.

Ojudu argued that the only reason for such a panel is because Jonathan does not have the stomach to really allow a proper investigation of the allegations against Oduah who had been said to have played a pivotal role in the president’s electoral victory in 2011.

Ojudu contended that judging from previous committees that were set up in similar fashion, it would appear that the Jonathan presidency was pooling another wool over the eyes of Nigerians.

President Jonathan, departing to Jerusalem for pilgrimage on Wednesday, set up a three man panel to probe the N255 million BMW cars scandal involving Stella Oduah.

Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to President Jonathan who made the announcement to journalists after the meeting of the Federal Executive Council, also confirmed reports that the President also issued a query in which explanation was demanded from the Minister over the car scandal yesterday.

The three-man administrative panel of enquiry that will probe Oduah will be chaired by the immediate past Head of Service of the Federation, Alhaji Isa Bello Sali.

The other members include Sambo Dasuki (retd), the National Security Adviser and Air Vice Marshall Dick Iruenabere (retd).

The Committee, according to Abati will investigate whether the procurement of the vehicles followed due process, the purposes the vehicles were procured for and other incidental matters.

The secretariat of the panel which has two weeks to complete its assignment will be provided by the office of the NSA

Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke Spotted On New Movie Set In Ghana Weeks After Deliverance

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 11.07.56 AM
Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke is back to work. Weeks after his controversial deliverance at TB Joshua’s Synagogue church of all nations, the talented actor has returned to Nollywood.
According to sources, Jim Iyke is now in Ghana to star in an upcoming movie titled ‘And Loves Comes Around‘.
From the look of things, Jim Iyke is now a calm man with clarity of vision.
Sources claim Jim Iyke is likely to get married to his Ghanaian sweetheart, Nadia Buari before the mid of next year.
Wishing him all the best in his career.

Actress Nkiru Sylvanus Releases New Beautiful Photos

Nkiru Sylvanus fully back to Nollywood

Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Speaks Her Mind on the On-going ASUU Strike via Twitter

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike joined their ranks today when a few moments ago, the rising star decided to share her views on the on-going ASUU strike affecting Nigerian universities which started on 1st July, 2013. Pardon her typos.
Read her tweets right here!
Share your thoughts!

Check Out Nollywood Actress Genevieve Nnaji New look

Lots of love geny

Atiku Abubakar vows to follow rape case...victim committed suicide


The Nigerian police in the southern state of Bayelsa has confirmed that an 18-year-old girl committed suicide after a gang rape by three unidentified men.

The Spokesman of the state Police Command, Mr Alex Akhigbe, told newsmen in Yenagoa that the girl killed herself in Amarata, Yenagoa, Local Government Area of Bayelsa, southern Nigeria.
“I believe the deceased decided to hang herself due to the attendant shame and stigmatisation she experienced after the rape incident,” Akhigbe said.

He said that the command had launched investigation into the alleged rape charges filed by the deceased family.
One of the family members, who pleaded for anonymity, said that the girl was reportedly gang-raped last week.
“She was on errand for her elder sister and was allegedly raped at gun point by three boys who forced her into an uncompleted building.
“The girl was devastated after the incident.
“After some days she told her sister and the husband her experience. Her sister’s husband who is a Pastor, asked her to describe any of her attacker.
“She described one of the boys, but the boy could not be found; I believe Pastor counselled her (the victim).
“The pastor has promised to pursue the matter to the court.
“She swallowed a poisonous substance known as Sniper and she was discovered while groaning in pains and rushed to GloryLand Hospital.
“The victim was discovered through the note she dropped before taking the poisonous substance,” the source said.

Nollywood Movie You Must Watch To Last Part--FAMILY WAR ..Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Chinyere Wilfred, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Ebele Okaro, Nwankwoude Joseph

The woman builds the home, she holds it together. But when a wicked and heartless woman comes into the home, the home is torn apart and that leads to a family war,

Nollywood movies starring: Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Chinyere Wilfred, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Ebele Okaro, Nwankwoude Joseph.
 Produced by Nick Nwankwo, Directed by, Cas Chidiebere . 

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N225m car scandal: Stella Oduah tells her own side of the story

Minister of Aviation Stella Oduah has responded to President Jonathan's query to her to explain her role in the purchase of the controversial N225million BMW armored cars. See her response below

Executive summary on the procurement of NCAA operational vehicles
“The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, is the statutory regulator of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Industry.
Consequently, the NCAA is charged with oversight responsibilities over all civil aviation operations in the country, including safety, security and strict compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, SARPs, and Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations, NCARs.
2. Towards the effective implementation of its statutory regulatory responsibilities, therefore, it is imperative that the NCAA is fully equipped with highly specialised tools and facilities, including adequate operational vehicles to cover all 22 national airports and over 400 airstrips. In keeping with standard practice, provision is therefore made annually for the replacement of obsolete, inadequate & unreliable monitoring equipment.

3.In the 2013 budgetary appropriation, provision was made for the procurement of specialised equipment (including operational vehicles) to complement and in some cases replace obsolete ones.

Furthermore, the fact that NCAA, as the regulator of the industry, often plays host to dignitaries from ICAO, IATA, US FAA, AFRAA, AFCAC BAGASO, CANSO, ACI and a host of others makes it necessary to have specialised operational vehicles.

4.With regard to the procurement of additional operational vehicles (including BMW Security Vehicles), the following due process was observed:
(I) By letter dated April 15, 2013, NCAA officially requested authorisation from the Federal Ministry of Aviation to procure 56 operational vehicles through lease financing. This option was proposed to the ministry to enable the NCAA make 36 monthly payments based on receipts from Internally Generated Revenue, IGR. 

The Ministry therefore granted due approval.
(ii)Based on the ministry’s approval, the NCAA invited Expressions of Interest from all Banks in Nigeria for the financing of the said vehicles. EOI was adopted because the procurement is two sided. First, the financier would have to be selected before the supplier is determined. This is in line with procurement best practices.
(iii) On May 24, 2013, the response received from the various banks to the Expression of Interest, EOI, request was opened publicly and minutes of the opening exercise was duly documented. During the EOI opening exercise, NCAA got commendation from one of the Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, approved by BPP who were invited for the opening exercise.
(iv)  The evaluation of the expression of interests was held on May 31, 2013 during which First Bank Plc, Union Bank Plc and Stanbic IBTC emerged most responsive. On the June 10, 2013 the above three banks were invited to submit Financial Proposals. Thereafter, First Bank emerged the highest rated responsive bidder.
(v)Between June 20 and 25, 2013, invoices were received from various accredited motor vehicle dealers during which only Coscharis Motors Limited quoted for BMW Security Vehicles.

(vi) On June  28, 2013, NCAA Parastatal Tenders Board approved the selection of First Bank Ltd for the Lease Financing as well as Metropolitan Motor Vehicles and Coscharis for the supply of the vehicles.  All  necessary approvals  were duly  sought  and  obtained accordingly.

(vii) Between  July 8, 2013 to August, 12, 2013 various meetings were held with First Bank Ltd, contract agreement was signed and necessary documentation executed.

Your Excellency is respectfully invited to note:
(i) The crucial statutory role of the NCAA in regulating civil aviation operations in the country, including safety, security and strict compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs).
(ii) The need for NCAA to be fully equipped with highly specialized tools and facilities (including operational vehicles) to enable the effective implementation of its statutory functions.
(iii) The procurement of specialized operational vehicles is duly provided for in the NCAA 2p 13 (IGR) Budget and the need for adopting instalmental lease payments over36rionths.
(iii) That Due Process was followed in the procurement of the said operational vehicles.

Please your Excellency my continued loyally and esteemed regards.
Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, OON, Honourable Minister.
- See more at:

Official Skelewu Video Director Moe Musa Blasts- All You Haters Out There Are Full Of Shit!

After all the criticisms of the new Skelewu video by fans following the drama of Davido sidelining the original music video made by Gbenga Sesan, the director of the official video, Moe Musa took to twitter to err his mind.Check out his tweets below

Jonathan queries Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, over N255m armoured cars

culled Premuimtimes

More and more groups are also calling for Minister Oduah’s  sack.
President Goodluck Jonathan has queried the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, demanding a detailed explanation from her concerning the allegation that she arm-twisted an agency under her supervision, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to buy her two armoured cars for N255 million, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.
In a memo marked “Restricted”, and written on a State House letterhead, Mr.  Jonathan directed the embattled minister to provide him a detailed report on the procurement of the controversial bullet-proof cars, especially the cost, procurement processes and other issues relating to the transaction that have been raised by the media.
“The president is really angry at the disgrace that this shameful episode has brought upon his administration that is already hated by millions of Nigeria,” said a presidency source who has seen the memo sent to Mrs Oduah by the president. “The president has queried her as a way of following due process. He wants her to state her own side of the story in black and white.
“The president hardly feels this angry over an issue. I can tell you that except he has a change of mind, Oduah is a goner already.”
PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the president asked the minister to respond to the query, dated October 21, before his arrival from Israel, where he and some governors and ministers are expected to perform this year’s pilgrimage.
The Special Adviser to the President on Media, Reuben Abati, was not available to comment for this story. Repeated calls to his mobile telephone did not connect Tuesday night. An aide said he had been busy preparing for the trip to Israel with the President.
The spokesperson for Minister Oduah, Joe Obi, could also not be reached. He did not answer or return calls. So also was Yakubu Dati, the coordinating General Manager for Public Affairs for the aviation agencies, who has been defending the minister since the scandal broke.
However, an aide of the minister confirmed Mrs Oduah received the query on Monday and has been scrambling to put together a convincing explanation for the president.
“I can tell you that they have been cooking up explanations they believe will assuage the President,” said an aide who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter.
“They are trying to destroy evidence as well. The sensible thing would have been for the president to suspend her before launching an enquiry. Now she is still in charge and at liberty to destroy evidence.”
The key issues the President wants the minister to explain are the allegations she inflated the cost of the cars while also violating the 2013 Appropriation Act and the Public Procurement Act in the acquisition of the controversial cars.
She also has to convince the president that she did not by her action violate a number of Nigeria’s anti-corruption laws.
PREMIUM TIMES had authoritatively reported that the multimillion contract was never listed or approved in any government budget as required by law, neither was it openly advertised or bided for.
The contract was also not listed in the budget of the NCAA, the agency compelled by the minister to make the purchase; and was not listed by the Federal Airport Authority, FAAN or Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA.
The ministry’s own budget too, had no plan to purchase any car for the minister, or other officials this year.
Spending public funds on unbudgeted projects attracts three years in jail and a fine of N100, 000 the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences law stipulates.
Also, contracts involving public funds without due procurement processes- basically open advertising and bidding- draws a minimum of five years, and a maximum of 10 years in jail, the Public Procurement law says.
Mrs Oduah had reportedly compelled the NCAA, to buy the two BMW 760LI armoured cars for her.
Her media assistant, Joe Obi, confirmed the procurement of the cars, claiming the agency bought the vehicles to protect the minister from “imminent threats” to her life.
The confirmation attracted outrage from Nigerians, especially anti-corruption crusaders and opposition politicians, who did not only demand her sack, but also called for an immediate investigation into the matter by the nation’s anti-graft agencies.
According to them, the transaction did not go through the procurement process neither were the vehicles budgeted for. They also claim that the cost of the vehicles might have been massively inflated.
Lagos lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, wrote the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, last Friday, demanding the minister’s resignation and an immediate investigation by the commission, failing which he would head for court to compel the Commission to do so.
Another anti-corruption group, Anti-Corruption Network, ACN, headed by a former member of the House of Representatives, Dino Melaye, also gave Mrs Oduah 72 hours to refund the N255 million used to purchase the cars. The group also threatened to sue her.
Other groups that called for the minister’s head include the Conference for Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, Say No Campaign Nigeria, SNCN, and Centre for Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC.
Mrs Oduah had reportedly made desperate moves to suppress the matter since it blew open by reaching out to some influential individuals and socio-cultural groups, including Aka Ikenga to mount a campaign that she was being victimised for stepping on the toes of some influential forces in the aviation sector.
She was reported to have also reached out to some media organisations to help checkmate the attacks on her.
Besides, she tried unsuccessfully to seek audience with Mr. Jonathan.
On Tuesday, a day after the president’s query was issued, the NCAA made further attempts to save the minister.
Mr. Dati insisted in a statement Tuesday that due process was followed in the purchase of the vehicles for the minister.
He also claimed that those calling for Mrs Oduah’s head were doing so with the aim of preventing Mr. Jonathan from contesting the 2015 presidential election.

Tiwa Savage off to UK for her wedding shopping

. Tiwa will marry Teebillz traditionally on Saturday Nov. 23rd in Lagos

Broken promises ended Oprah's friendship with the Obamas?

Ever wondered why Oprah campaigned for Barrack Obama in 2008 but not in 2012? Insiders claim Barack and Michelle broke promises to Oprah Winfrey leading to a bitter rift between them...

From The NY Post 
"Everyone remembers that Oprah went all out for Obama during the 2008 presidential election. What was not reported was that, in return, Oprah was promised unique access to the White House if Obama won. She’d get regular briefings on initiatives and a heads-up on programs to give her material for her fledgling cable network, OWN.
“Oprah intended to make her unique White House access a part of her new network,” a source close to Oprah told me. “There were big plans, and a team was put together to come up with proposals that would have been mutually beneficial. “But none of that ever happened. Oprah sent notes and a rep to talk to Valerie Jarrett, but nothing came of it. It slowly dawned on Oprah that the Obamas had absolutely no intention of keeping their word and bringing her into their confidence.”
Oprah did not campaign for Obama in the 2012 race, and she has been absent from his battles on gun control, immigration reform and the environment. She claims she is too busy to get involved in politics, even though she hosted a fund-raiser for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who won a US Senate seat last week.
Oprah’s friends publicly dismiss the idea that she had a falling out with Obama. They note that she phoned Michelle Obama right after the 2012 election to congratulate her. They say Michelle invited her to have dinner with the first family. But the dinner never took place, and Oprah continues to be frozen out.
“Oprah was hoping there would be a genuine change in the atmospherics,” one of her friends told me. “But there hasn’t been. Clearly, she is being rebuffed at the level of Michelle and Valerie. And, just as obviously, President Obama hasn’t interfered on Oprah’s behalf.” During Obama’s first term, I argued in my book “The Amateur” that Michelle was jealous of Oprah, furious that he was seeking her advice.
“For her part, Oprah doesn’t like being with Michelle, because the first lady is constantly one-upping the president and anybody else around her,” said an Oprah adviser. “Oprah has struck back by banning the Obamas from her O, The Oprah Magazine . . . It probably hurts Oprah more than Obama, who, if he had his head screwed on straight, would have flown to California and begged Oprah to help him save ObamaCare.
“But Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah. She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge.”

Nollywood Movie Producer Tchidi Chikere moves in with Actress Nuella Njubigbo as ex-wife finds love again

According to a new report by City People magazine this week, actress Nuella Njubigbo & Nollywood movie producer Tchidi Chikere have moved in together. Nuella, who has been dating Tchidi since before he divorced his actress wife Sophia Chikere, moved out of her Okota family home and moved into a new house with Tchidi at Graceland Estate in Ajah.

The couple reportedly moved in together a few months ago and are still decorating their new home. After reading this report I contacted Nuella's people to confirm the story and they said they have no comment on the matter. Nuella is known to vehemently deny reports if not true, she ain't denying this.

Meanwhile, Tchidi's ex-wife Sophia Chikere has also moved on. The mother-of-three is currently dating a UK based businessman. See their loved up pics after the cut...