Actress Stephanie Okereke Linus shared behind-the-scene pics of a Hollywood movie

Actress Stephanie Okereke Linus just shared behind-the-scene pics of a Hollywood movie she's currently shooting in the US. The actress plays Doris, a lady whose generation were slaves from Nigeria. The movie is set in 1906 and is titled BoonVille Redemption. Stephanie tagged the movie borders on forgiveness, truth, redemption, love & everyone was treated equally in the movie without racial barriers. 
Stephanie talks about the movie...
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How do you feel about being back on set after being absent for quite a while?
I am very excited. It hasn't been a long absence. I just finished shooting some episodes for my upcoming Reality TV Show – "Make Me Fabulous". However, this is a Western movie and I’m very glad to be among the cast. It’s something different, it’s a faith based movie and it’s really something I’d love to do. 
What is your role in the movie?
I play the role of Doris, a lady from the second generation of slave trade in America whose parents came from Nigeria. Doris is no longer a slave and she lives with her Uncle in this community where people are not judged by their race or colour. She is a strong compassionate woman who forms a bond with a young girl, Melinda, who grew up not knowing her father. Doris plays the role of convincing her Uncle to reveal the truth to this young girl about her father’s whereabouts. She also helps take care of Miss Mary, Melinda's grandmother when she was ill and sheltered a young boy who had no place to stay.
Where is the movie being shot?
The movie is shot in Los Angeles,USA.
What else brings you to Los Angeles?
Not only am I acting in this movie, I am currently doing post-production for my soon to be released movie, DRY which I’m also very excited about.


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