My "Oranges" are The Biggest In Nollywood, my "oranges" are massive. - Nollywood Actress

I guess there should be a contest in Nollywood so we can really find out who has the biggest "cans".
Mitchell Ozakpolor, fondly called Mimi is indeed busty and she feels good about it. She started acting about a decade ago. Mimi resigned from her banking job to pursue her dream in Nollywood.
What part of your body is your best asset?I detest being asked this question because everyone already knows my best asset. Even if I mention something else, they would know I’m just being economical with the truth because it is obvious. I know I’m very busty, it is supposed to be my best asset. One good thing about me is that I really don’t flaunt my "oranges". I just wear dresses that I like and the "oranges" flaunt, whether the neckline of my dresses are showing my cleavage or not. But my cleavage is just obvious because my "oranges" are massive. I Think my oranges are the biggest in Nollywood.

Don’t you think Corsy Orjiakor has the that record in Nollywood?No, but people think she is. She is not. If I pack up my "oranges" the way she packs hers, to be frank people won’t walk on the street, believe me. I try to pack mine in such a way that it won’t be obvious and so that some guys won’t jump on me and start begging me to kiss them.
Well I guess the actress is quite proud of her cans, she ought to be though, its a true gift.

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