This movie hinges around detest, hate and vex over a false accusation which inculcated disarray that
existed between Igwe(Norbert Waski Oguegbu) and Onowu(Bob Keazor) of the community. Poor
Nnenna( Rosabella Iyafhoka )suffered so hard for things she had no idea of its origin. Nkechi stood
firmly behind Nnenna and fought for her at all times. Prince Ikenna was turned down by his crush
because of Uloma his sister who carries herself with so much proud. Nnenna's sister visited the palace in


Azubuike and his  gang Stole a gold casket  worth fifty million naira from David's boss's father's tomb, late chief Odunze in Osama's community with all the plans and Ideas of David. Chief Odunze's wife and his gate man was killed during the operation, meanwhile Azubuike has been terrorising Osama's community which resulted to enmity, challenges and exchange of bullet from the different clans. Osama got so peeved for he was neither aware of the gold casket nor around when Azubuike Invaded his domain therefore he started his retaliation by killing Azubuike's mother and some

Have You Seen My Private Part (The Movie)

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Another family captivating story my private part!!!
I realized, it is not the time that heals, but what we do within that time that creates positive change.
 2019 Movie
Ossyking production
Jerry Amilo
Destiny Etiko
Sedater Savoir
Queenth Hilbart

New Movie Alert!! Watch Yul Edochie, Zubby Micheal in The Movie Controversy

Movie Title - The Controversy 
Cast - Yul Edochie, Zubby Micheal 
Movie Link 


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New Movie Alert!! Watch Regina Daniel, Ngozi Ezeonu, Blessing Nwaknwo IN Cross Of MotherHood

Movie Title - Cross Of MotherHood 
CAst Ngozi Ezeonu, Regina Daniels

The movie cross of motherhood presents the tale of two good friends where one of them (Blessing Nwankwo) suddenly gets deeply consumed by selfishness, hate, jealousy and envy over her friend because of how she is progressing in life ,she suddenly finds herself going over the edge to commit a huge evil against her friend which lead to her getting mad.. However, what she never envisaged is the turn out of events which could completely ruin her whole essence. Nigerian Nollywood movie starring Regina Daniels, Ngozi Ezeonu, Blessing Nwanwko Holycup Production 2018 movie 

Youtube Link -

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Watch Zulu Adigwe , Queen Nwokoye, Chacha Ekeh, Walter Anga In Sister's Battle

Sister's Battle is an emotional movie that will not only make you feel the images and the people; but will also make you feel their emotions, circumstance and atmosphere. Okoro (Zulu Adigwe) is the man of the house with two wives , three girls and a son with a very questionable character. He bears the mark of wickedness and hatred on the female children Nneka (Queen Nwokoye) and Oby (Chinedu Onyeka) which has constantly become the source of unhappiness to every member of her family especially his first wife whom he despises so much for giving him only female child. as the events goes on , the fracks lead to the death of the father and causing more havoc to the family. 2018 Movie Sunshine Movies 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie New Movie
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Watch Ebelle Okaro, Zubby Micheal, Rex Nosa In Mad Money Season 3 Now Showing

 A captivating family story designed to thrill. Ugo(Rex Nosa) is a poor young mad man whose desire for good things in life after the sudden death of his parent , the cause of his madness is still yet unknown as he still talks and reason like a correct human, riches suddenly increases to a greater height after his ugly encounter with a very rich young billionaire , Obiora (Zubby Micheal) And his friends has this obsession to get rich quick even richer than Ugo (Rex Nosa) who they think soiled his hands in the evil pot, this incidentally drives Them into evil cult where you only succeed through evil sacrifice, deceit and tricks. Find out how far Obiora and his friends went in pursuit of wealth through madness. Did they actually succeed? Find out too. Nigerian Nollywood 2018 Movie Starring Ebelle Okaro, Zubby Micheal, Rex Nosa, Sammy Lee, Chioma Nwaoha Holycup Movies 2018 Movie

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